Introducing the Raising Bridges Mom: Rosemary

Introducing the Raising Bridges Mom: Rosemary

Hi, I’m Rosemary Bridges, mom of two little minions and player two to my player one.

Nine years ago I met David after my Senior prom at Denny’s. Classy. AIM (AOL instant messenger) was very popular back then so when we were introduced via mutual friends we found ourselves breaking off into private conversations to talk about the silliest of things. Even though we met each other offline first we like to say we started dating online.

The man is, without a doubt, my rock, my best friend and my soul mate. Yes, I said it. People can argue that it can be dangerous or there is no such thing as soul mates but I like to live on the wild side sometimes. You know, like sitting behind the driver in Mario Kart Double Dash and strategically places every banana down for maximum opponent spinout potential.

I was born and raised on the north side of Chicago in a very hispanic/catholic family. While I didn’t have the greatest childhood, I did get a lot of life’s lessons learnt a lot sooner than most. My mother was a teenage unwed mother that had severe depression and passed away when I was still pretty young. My grandparents did a lot of my child rearing (from cutting my cord to the present day) while my mother battled her illness so they did what they thought was natural at the time and adopted me.

You might see a lot of the aubelitos (grandparents) on the blog here. It’s something to see them as grandparents but it’s amazing to see the puddle of mush they become for their great grandkids.

And my boys… I can’t believe how much love I found room for in heart for these little guys. It really was love at first sight. They can drive me crazy, but the crazy’s don’t last much past the unprompted kisses and the “mommy, I love you.”

The nerdy side of me began when I was still in elementary school when instead of wanting to outside and play I’d stay indoors to read. I was ten when I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone but didn’t like it. 4 years later, in middle school, during free read a friend told me I needed to give the books another chance and I was hooked since then. I credit my older cousin Jr and my Uncle for introducing me to video games (Super Nintendo, Game Boy and the Sega Genesis). In high school I believe I earned my geeky wings by cosplaying as Witch Hunter Robin at ACEN at the height my Anime obsession (one day I’ll try to find that picture).

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