Introducing: Raising Bridges

Welcome to Raising Bridges.

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Raising Bridges |The newest parenting blog on the block
Photo by Hyacynth Worth Don’t we look like a fun bunch?

Here we, David and Rosemary, will touch on a variety of topics that have to do with parenting in a technologically enabled world. We just adore our two boys, Gabriel and Rafael, and we love raising our little Bridges boys. Get it, Raising Bridges?

A little bit about us: David and Rosemary are parents of two little Bridges boys. Both work full time jobs, on top of running their household and they are both self professed nerds. If you met us I’m sure you would too. David’s interests include professional wrestling, Chicago sports teams (Go Cubs Go), video games,  listening to podcasts and being best buds with his boys just to name a few. Rosemary loves a good romance movie (because watching movies is easier to do than reading books right now), music (A good mix of all genres can be healthy), photography, writing, Harry Potter, Dr Who and her three boys.

Be sure to keep an eye (and ear) out for our podcasts, video reviews, parenting posts, After Dark posts, and more! We are extremely excited to share our little world with you and we encourage you to follow along, ask questions, voice your comments and enjoy the experience with us.

Meet the Dad: David Bridges

Meet the Mom: Rosemary Bridges

Meet the Kids: Gabriel and Rafael Bridges

We have an email address for you to contact us with any of you comments or questions. We love to talk to our readers! We hope to hear from you soon.

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