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First Snow of the 2014 Holiday Season at the Raising Bridges Stronghold

Backyard Snow

That’s right, the first snow of the season is upon us.

We love spending time outdoors with the kids and unfortunately when it gets to the point where the temperatures are below freezing it’s very hard to find activities to do outside.

There certainly aren’t any shenanigans going on today in the backyard of the Raising Bridges stronghold. Old man winter must have awoken a little early and brought us a dusting of snow and some bitter cold temperatures. Outdoor activities this week are also looking a little bleak as the warmest temps are barely above freezing and there isn’t a “warm up” scheduled until Saturday. It has us wishing it was still summer so we could run around and play in all of the sun’s glory as we did in this video that you see below.

Despite the colder temps and snow, we do have some indoor activities coming up this week that we are very excited to share with you.

We have a birthday to celebrate this week!

We choo-choo-choose to include you all in the festivities for Rafael’s second birthday. I don’t know if you noticed the subtle hint but it’s a clue to the theme of Rafael’s second birthday party. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

We also have an extra special activity for the boys this Saturday. It’s something we did last year which we thoroughly enjoyed and are thrilled to be involved with again this year. You’ll find out more details tomorrow right here on Stay tuned.

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