Introducing the Raising Bridges Boys: Gabriel and Rafael

Introducing: the Bridges Boys|

These boys are the best kids in the world.

They’re the best thing that ever happened to us.

Who would have thought that a stick that you pee on would have brought us so much joy 4 years ago? And even though they bring us so much joy this post is much harder to write than we thought. The kids are awesome. There is so much awesome that it steals all the words from our mouths and brains.

Gabriel and Rafael are so different.

Gabriel is

  • The first born.
  • His labor and delivery was fast, furious and ended in a dramatic c-section.
  • He was bottled fed.
  • He is very observant and curious with just a hint of shy.

Rafael is

  • The second born.
  • His labor and delivery was a very uneventful VBAC.
  • He is breastfed.
  • He charges into situations he’s not familiar with.

What they do have in common is:

  • They love to cuddle with mom and dad.
  • They love to make each other (and others) laugh.
  • They look for each other if the one isn’t home or on a trip out.
  • They’re so stinking cute.

As we continue this blog, you’ll be introduced to more and more of their personalities and see those differences and similarities.

They are looking forward to all of the fun activities we have planned for them and we are looking forward to sharing those moments with you.

ps. We feel compelled to warn you for the abundance of mushy-gushiness that we express for our children.

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