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Life and changes and League of Legends

After being a stay at home mom for almost 2 years we decided I should go back to work back in August of 2014. It a was a very tough choice to make for many reasons, but in the long run it will benefit us as family.  Going back was a huge adjustment for everyone but the boys have surprisingly adapted well. Me, on the other hand, I’ve been having issues trying to maintain a good work/life balance. I’ve been trying to limit photography and blogging projects the last couple of months in an effort to cut down on stress. It’s been hard to say no to certain things or to not become disappointed when I miss out on something. In the long run I hope it’ll help in the sanity/health department.

Now I have time for the things that matter most to me which is spending time with my family and friends. AND I get to work on this particular blog too, which I’m excited about.

Here’s a special thank you to two of my cousins who have been coaching me in League of Legends. The last two nights they’ve patiently watched me make a fool of myself while teaching me the basics of this multiplayer online battle arena (MoBA) game. I won’t ever get to their level of involvement (paying money for gear or experience) but it’s still good fun.

Mommy gammer: Life and Changes and League of LegendsI can truly understand why some people get hooked in these types of games. It’s relaxing to disconnect with life for an hour after the kids are asleep and kill some minions.

What are some things that you have recently discovered that help you relax after a long day?


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