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Reaction to the Oscars: Everything is AWESOME!

“Glory” may have won Best Original Song at the 2015 Academy Awards, but as parents we all know what song really should have won… The Grammy and Oscar nominated song featured in The Lego Movie, “Everything Is Awesome”.

In the Bridges household, it’s a song we hear every single day and we always seem to sing along without it ever getting old. We love it since it gives out such a great message to our boys to always stay positive about everything.

If you missed it here’s the performance of “Everything is Awesome” from the 2015 Academy Awards.

Our favorite part of the song, aside from Will Arnett dressing as Lego Batman to sing his “Untitled Self Portrait”, was watching our two boys rock out to the live version of one of their favorite songs. They honestly just left everything they were doing to rock out to their favorite melody.

Rosemary was lucky enough to snag her phone in time to capture this moment and throw it up on Instagram for everyone to see.


As you can tell, they were extremely exited to hear and watch that live performance.

A quick aside: Lady Gaga, wow! We were completely in awe at her performance at her Sound of Music tribute. Does Julie Andrews ever age?

So tell us, What was your favorite performance at the Oscar’s?

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