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Missouri {Part 2}

{This is a continuing series from Missouri trip we took back in August. Part one here.  It’s taking me a long time to catch up with writing…}

After 12 hours on the road we finally made it to Springfield, MO. We still had some time before our friends were done with their daily life so we checked into our hotel to unpack and freshen up. I haven’t been disappointed with a choice of hotel in a long time. It’s my fault that I waited until the last minute to book our room and picked something comparable in price.

There was one person at the front desk our entire stay. Said person was always holding inappropriate conversations that would cause holdups checking in or out. The room smelled, had a saggy floor (not exaggerating), the carpet was sticky, the sink would had a slow flow… it was just sad, you guys. The nice thing was that there was a large refrigerator and stove but you can imagine the state of both appliances. Ask David, I cried and threw a little fit the first night. It was that bad.

Instead of waiting for our friends at the hotel we opted to take a walk at the nearest mall and grab some coffee.

We got the call that it was finally time to meetup! We met up at Bair’s Sports and Grill. When Gabriel saw Kadence it was like they were never apart.
Missouri 2015-35

They’re just the cutest when they’re together! I love watching how they interact with each other.

Missouri 2015-38

Poor Rafael was pretty tired from the trip. It was hard for him to stay in his seat the rest of the night. He might have disrupted people’s dinner… Oh well.

Missouri 2015-37

I was super excited to see Krystal.  I missed having my fiery Tex up close and personal.

Missouri 2015-39

Bair’s is Krystal’s favorite food joint in Springfield. I have to agree, the burgers were the BEST I’ve had in a long time. I can’t wait to go back to have the Bacon Burger again.

After dinner we (reluctantly) went back to the hotel room to freshen up and get some rest. At that point no one cared how horrible the hotel was, we were bone tired and needed sleep.

Missouri 2015-42

Missouri 2015-51

The kids woke up early the next day. David found a brunch spot for us to eat at. It was so popular that there was a 40 minute wait despite being three separate rooms.
Missouri 2015-44

Morning selfies. The kids are bright, awake and chipper. The parent’s not so much without their morning coffee.

Missouri 2015-45


The food was amazing. It was very much worth the long wait! Biscuits and gravy taste so much better the closer south we get.

Missouri 2015-47

Missouri 2015-48

^^^^This was the women’s bathroom at the restaurant. It was an all natural stone sink made by a local man. Apparently there was one equally as cool in the men’s bathroom. v v v v
Missouri 2015-50


It was dark and deary all morning. The plans for the day were to go down to Branson to take the kids to White Water for the day and possibly wait to see Big Hero 6 at their outdoor movie night. Luckily by the time we finished breakfast the sky cleared up enough for us to not worry about rain.

Missouri 2015-49
Missouri 2015-52


To be continued in Part 3….

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