Big Dumb Van.

2012 Dodge Grand Caravan Check Engine Light- Van Repairs About two weeks ago we took the van in for repairs.

The check engine light on our van has been on for almost a year so it was time to get it checked out. We had it checked out before by our regular oil changing place. They told us that it should be okay to not go in right away to get it fixed. What we thought was 1 simple fix turned out to be over six things that needed attention.
A day and over $2k later (goodbye bonus!) we got our beast back check engine light free.
This weekend we took grandma on a day trip to Lake Geneva. On our way back home David sped up on the highway to merge with traffic. Guess what happened? Check engine light came back on…
Took it back to the service garage and it turns out the oil pump pooped out on us. Dealing with a horrible experience like dropping a ton of cash on one transaction has been a lot easier to deal with because of the guy handling our car’s repairs.
I’m sure they do this at a lot of dealerships but they’ve covered our rental cars even though we’re no longer covered under warranty. This time around he’s having Chrysler pay for it with a Goodwill Warranty. All this great hospitality has absolutely softened the low blows we’ve been dealing with.
We have Big Bertha back. She seems to purr along just fine. That makes me a happy camper. Keep on chugging girl.

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