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We’ve had a busy last couple of days that I wanted to share even though they happened almost a week ago. I apologize already for jumping around here and there throughout this post. I’m trying my hardest to get back into blogging regularly. I’m going to try to start a daily life series to help get my blogging mojo back.


We one errand to run to ToysRUs to pick up two gift cards for a birthday we went to on Saturday night. They could honestly have stayed there all day. Mom tip for running into the store quick: Preface to them that there is a time limit for the trip before picking up what we needed. I gave them 15 minutes to look at whatever they wanted to look at. They usually go look at the legos, train table (that no longer is there), Nerf guns and then usually look for Minecraft stuff or Five Nights at Freddy’s toys.


Last year these two would have freaked their freak over these play snakes. Now they insist on taking pictures like it’s the real thing.


After the store, we decided to have some lunch at Steak and Shake. My little cousin and grandma came with us. My cousin made little boat hats for both boys.


Serious hamming going on here.


The boys really wanted a shake with their meal but I opted that they get their’s to go. They inhaled these down faster than they ate their lunch.

Apparently, the circus is coming to the mall parking lot.


We decided to run to the Bass Pro Shop to see the fishes and to burn off some energy.


They’ve decided that they want to get this for Papa to take down to his cabin.


Gabriel requested for a picture with this raccoon hat. Super cute but it’s way too small for his head.



I worked the morning until the afternoon. We didn’t do much after I came home except for cleaning the lower level and watching the Olympics opening ceremony before bed.



It was an extra fun and long day for everyone. David took the boys and my little cousin to the McHenry County Fair after they dropped me off to hang out with Sarah.


It was so nice to chat face to face with Sarah. We had an early lunch at Chili’s. The 3-course meal for $10 was really yummy. The mini lava cakes are enormous!


We walked around town to capture some Pokemon. I am so in love with this Victorian house. The porch and turret slays me.



We were all so beat from the day before that we missed going to church. Instead, we took grandma and grandpa to the grocery store to get food for the week. Afterward, we went to go visit our awesome sauce friends, Kari and Mike. The kids LOOOOVE to visit Ms. Kaw-wi’s house. Maybe it’s because of her trampoline or because of her kid-haven basement. I think it’s because they’re in love with their 8-year-old daughter.


Kari has a new puppy. He is so stinking cute! Makes me wish we could get a puppy but the boys were terrified of this little guy.


After we came home I got a text from our family friend if I wanted to go out to the store since she was in the area. I love that I got to catch up and have heart-to-heart’s with two awesome ladies this weekend. It’s easy to forget to keep connected to those close to us when life is hectic.


PS. the hibiscus tea at Starbucks is amazing!

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