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Do Chickens Fart and Other Musings | Daily Life

Gabriel: Knock Knock.

Mom and Dad: Who’s there?

Gabriel: Chicken.

Mom and Dad: Chicken who?

Gabriel: Chickens farting all the time.

Mom: Do chickens really fart? Let me google it.


Spoiler alert: They do but by burping. Learn something new every day.

I took the kids to Six Flags Hurrican Harbor early. I had a feeling it was going to be crowded since school is starting up soon and it was HOT today. We got there early enough to get great seats by the wave pool.  This is just a taste of how busy the kid’s pool got. Imagine the rest of the water park…


Gabe and Rafael LOVE the wave pool. They could spend the entire day there if they could (and they really wanted to). I really tried to get them to go to Skull Island where there are slides, water blasters, and water buckets but they weren’t having it.



Yes, I did ask them to give each other a hug. They were being so sweet to each other… Well, for the most part. Love capturing moments like this.



Don’t let this cloud fool you. It was clear for most of the day and so hot. It was 90 degrees by noon but it felt like 100. The only saving grace for the day was that it wasn’t humid.


When we bought our Season Pass for the year we opted to get two meal passes to share between the 4 of us. Honestly, I’m usually the one who will take the kids after work or on days that I’m off. It’s perfect since we can get 2 lunches, dinners or snacks and we don’t spend $8-$13 a person for a meal. We also have 3 of the refillable sports bottle that we can get refilled for free the entire season. We may or may not do this again next year. Still trying to weigh our options with a community pool pass.

Today we tried the fish tacos with chips and salsa with a french fry basket as the safety back up. The kids surprised me by actually eating the fish. We don’t always eat fish, but when it’s breaded and deep fried it’s hard to say no.


5 hours later I was ready to head home. Like I said, the kids could have stayed home all day if they could have. We came home to shower, have a snack and then the complain that they were bored began. We found this Number Matching game while doing some back to school shopping at Wal-mart so I decided to bring it out. They loved using the clothespins to mark their numbers. I love that it teaches them to read numbers and to count shapes.


After David was done with his work we headed out to dinner with our sister in law Michelle.


A glimpse into the future?


We had so much fun catching up with Aunt Michelle!


After dinner, `we went over to Papa’s house for a visit. The first thing they always play with is a Christmas Ferris wheel that plays Christmas music. It was a little dance party in Papa’s living room.


We ended our day with a visit to Best Buy and Target. Apparently, an Apple Watch is on both of the boy’s wish list. The crazy thing is: an Apple Watch is also on my wish list!


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