We Pokemon Go.

Back when David and I were little squirts we watched Pokemon when it first came out. We both played the video game when it was only in black and white on the Game Boy. He was bigger on collecting the cards, I didn’t as much since it was an expensive hobby.

When we found out that Niantic, Inc. was releasing (affiliate link) Pokémon GO we pretty much geeked out. 

It’s a lot of fun to share with the boys something that we both loved when we were kids. They love that they can catch the little pocket monsters. We’ll let them play when we go out on our walks even if they only catch Pidgeys and Rattatats.

I’m not a frequent player. Still on level 9 and I haven’t caught a ton of rare Pokemon. Also, boy does it drain the battery!


Sometimes I’ll open up the app when we are on the go to see if there’s any good Pokemon to catch.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I just get Pidgeys.


And Rattatas.


And yes, this was AFTER a wedding while we waited for the couple to take pictures at the altar. We thought it was hilarious that David and I both caught a Ghastly on my cousin’s shoulder.


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