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We need a vacation from our vacation.

This weekend we went on a four day vacation to Sandusky, Ohio for the Bloggy Conference.

Well, I went to the conference. David and the kids enjoyed everything Cedar Point and Hotel Breakers had to offer. I’ll be writing about all that in a different post because I have a lot to share.

Coming back home at 11 PM from a 4-day trip was more exhausting than we hoped it would be. Thank goodness the boys slept in the car on the way home because they went to school bright eyed and bushy tailed!

David and I spent the morning together for the first time in… I can’t even remember. We went to the hospital to visit my friend Heidi and her baby T for a mini photo shoot. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch at a not so great Japanese restaurant.


This place had awesome lighting for pictures.


David was not impressed with his Tonkatsu.


I thought the sushi was good but the Ramen really lacked a good broth. Look at me getting all food snobby.

I am so tired that I’m excited to get the kids back on a early bedtime schedule for school. Another reason why I love it when David takes a day off from vacation is that we can watch TV together. Last night we watched “This is Us” on NBC. It’s easily our new favorite show.

We need a vacation from our vacation.

Another thing that wasn’t normal last night was the cat getting comfy with me on the couch. For some reason Nora never comes to me when David and I are sitting in the living room. It made me really happy she did this.

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