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The One Where the Baby Goes to Preschool | Daily Life

There’s something about the youngest starting to to go school for the first time.

It’s something else when they get to go on the bus and you don’t get to walk them into their classroom for the first day.

Rafael's 1st Day of School-6

I suppose I could have gone to be with him but he is so ready to go on his own. He has his big brother to look up to.

Rafael's 1st Day of School-2

To help Rafael stay excited about school we let him pick his pack back and a new pair of shoes. Paw Patrol was his first choice¬†and after showing him a couple more options he was insistent that’s the one he wanted. I might add that he’s never watched an episode on TV. He must have watched a YouTube video about it somewhere.

Rafael's 1st Day of School-5

Rafael is starting the same preschool program his brother was in for 2 years. Looking forward to the next 3 years before he starts Kindergarten.

Rafael's 1st Day of School-12

It was only last year that he would get so upset when Gabriel would get to go on the bus and he couldn’t. Now, he gets to on the same bus and he has the same bus drivers too. He was so excited to be on the bus he didn’t even take the time to face me for a picture.

Rafael's 1st Day of School-15

PFDOSU  (Post First Day of School Update):

I am happy to report that Rafael loves school. There have been no tears, except for the ones where he’s upset he can’t go back to school later the same day. Unfortunately, he must have caught the flu from school or somewhere else. Luckily he’s been down for a day, his fever is now gone and we had a 3 day weekend for Labor Day. Hoping that he is feeling better before school tomorrow.

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