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Seriously. Kindergarten, already?

Where is my chunky baby that didn’t fit into any of the newborn clothes that I brought with me to the hospital? I’ve seemed to blink and he’s turned into a hilarious and talented Kindergartner.

This is his first year taking the big school bus with the rest of the neighborhood kids. He asked me if he could bring his favorite stuffed animal with him on the first day. I think he was little nervous and needed to have some comfort with him.


Gabe's 1st Day of Kinder-1

Gabriel’s grown so much in the last 3 months, he seems like a different kid.

Gabe's 1st Day of Kinder-2

We originally bought him a larger backpack from our local Meijer, but my guy is a little on the shorter side. The book bag was almost as big as him! We returned it as soon as we saw this one at Kohls. It’s perfect for him in length and it’s still big enough to put his lunchbox and folders in.

Gabe's 1st Day of Kinder-7

Rafael missed his brother while he was in school. It’s been a little hard getting accustomed to him being gone for a full school day but we’ve been all managing.

Gabe's 1st Day of Kinder-9

Gabe's 1st Day of Kinder-13

Gabe's 1st Day of Kinder-15

PFDOSU  (Post First Day of School Update): 

There have been a couple of things that I have noticed that happen since the beginning of school.

  1. Tired. I cannot believe how tired this kid is after getting home. It’s getting a little better now that we’ve figured out a good time to go to bed (7 pm).
  2. Cranky. Tired and cranky go hand in hand, don’t they? However, this was turnt up to the max. Gabe never cry’s unless he’s hurt but now he started getting upset over the smallest things. Again, with the early bedtime, it’s gotten a ton better.
  3. He’s teaching us things that he’s learning from his teacher. We were driving to Papa’s house and we started to all talk over each other. He called out, “Raise  your hand if you want to speak and wait to be called on”. He makes my nerdy heart sing.

PS. Notice how the #dailylife tag became inconsistent. I’ll get better.

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