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Happy October 1st!

Fall has got to be my favorite season. Fall, in my book, is the best part about October plus October is all about Halloween.

Whiskers on Kittens, Happy First Day of October on RaisingBridges.com

We have been experiencing all of the rain we should have gotten during the summer. This morning we went to Gabriel’s soccer meet. Even though it was raining the kids still played in the rain. Gabriel and his teammates really made the most of it. They made up a new dance involving snapping their fingers.

AYSO Soccer, First Day of October

AYSO Soccer, First Day of October

AYSO Soccer, First Day of October

After soccer practice, we went home to have lunch and rest up before heading out to a birthday party for a family friend.

It’s interesting that we did a lot less than what we normally do on a jam-packed day, yet we were all exhausted. Rafael started to lose his cool today after soccer. I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that he’s not getting sick. Irritability is usual the first symptom for him and he’s been sick a bunch since starting school. Gabriel just wanted to hang out and watch YouTube videos.

I’m hoping that we can do all the fun things that are floating around in my head: Pumpkin patches, Six Flags for Freight Fest, trick or treating, just to name a few. The weather has been warmer than normal lately. Crossing my fingers that it won’t rain every weekend until November.

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