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Halloween 2016

We had a very long Halloween weekend.

Our Halloween Festivities started off with Rafael’s Preschool holding a Halloween party. They put on a little concert for the parents. Afterward, we went into the classroom so the kids could decorate sugar cookies.


David and I have been wanting to get to Fright Fest at Six Flags during the night but haven’t found the time to go. We found our only opportunity Friday night so we had my grandparents watch them while we went out.


We left around 7:30 and came back home around 10pm.We aren’t the crazy kids that stayed out past midnight anymore.

Saturday Gabriel finished up his soccer season for the fall. His team did really well during their last game. Go Tigers!


After soccer we went to visit some of David’s side of the family so they could see the boy’s in their costumes.

David joined his brothers on the train to go to the Cubs game at Wrigley. Lucky boys. The Cubs didn’t win on Saturday and we didn’t get to bed until 3am because I had to pick him up at his brother’s house. Being a one car family stinks sometimes, but the pros outweigh the cons.

Our town holds their Trick or Treating hours the weekend before Halloween if it lands on a weekday. Halloween landed on Monday this year.

We decided to have family over for a little party with trick or treating this year. It was such a gorgeous day out! It wasn’t too cold, there was no rain, and most importantly, there was no snow. Last year it was so cold and rainy the entire day. It was such a breath of fresh air.

For the little party, I had planned pumpkin painting and pin the nose on the pumpkin. We also had appetizers and food out for our guests. We ended up not painting pumpkins but we did have a good game of pin the nose on the pumpkin. There was a lot of peeking involved with the little ones.  We gave out treating bags with a couple of treats as a game prize.

You’ve noticed that there are no pictures with details on here. That would be because I forgot to. Best blogger of the year goes to me, right?







The best part of the whole day was that the kids had fun and they were EXHAUSTED by 5pm. That might have been the best part for me, actually.

On Halloween Day, I left work early to go see Gabriel’s Costume Parade at his school. I was a little bummed out that parents were not asked to help participate in the classroom. He said he had a lot of fun in class.


To close the night we were going to go to Keylime Cove to do their Trick or Treat Trail. My aunt texted me to see if we wanted to join them for treating in their neighborhood. The kids were super excited to go with their older cousins.


My aunt and uncle got into the Halloween spirit and dressed up as a jester and Master Chief from Halo. The kids got a kick out of it. Gabriel loves the idea of Halo and has played it before with his cousins. Rafael’s costume looked complete with the mask addition.


These kids made it out like bandits this Halloween. Most of the candy will be set aside for Rafael’s party favors (hey, gotta save some money somewhere), the kids can pick out a couple of pieces to have for dessert the next couple of days and the rest will go to a dentist buy back to go to soldiers overseas in a care package.

This mom is going to need the next day or two to recoup from the 4-day sugar high.

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