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16th Annual Chicago Toy & Game Fair

Guess what time of the year it is?…

It’s the 16th Annual Chicago Toy & Game Fair!

Chicago Toy and Game Fair

This weekend, Saturday, November 17th 10am-6pm and Sunday, November 18th 10am-5pm, come join vendors and exhiborters in previewing this years hottest new and trending toy and games.

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We have been going to ChiTag since 2013. The only year we missed out was last year. The boys were so bummed to miss it. There is so much to do and see at ChiTag. There are a ton of toy booths to see the latest and greatest toys in the industry. Sometimes we can score a couple great deals and get some Christmas shopping done. As a plus, you can play with the toys before buying them!

I love looking back on pictures from past fairs to see how much the boys have grown.

Chicago Toy and Game Fair 2014 #ChiTagFair

Chicago Toy and Game Fair 2013 #ChiTagFair

Rafael's Growth through the Years Raising Bridges
We can always mark our littlest Bridge’s birthday to be on or around the date of the fair. He’s getting so big!

Come discover, explore and discover the Chicago Toy and Game Fair for yourself!

General Information:

What: 16th Annual Chicago Toy & Game Fair

Where: Navy Pier, 840 East Grand Avenue, Festival Hall A & B, Chicago

Dates & Times:

Saturday, November 17th 10am-6pm

Sunday, November 18th 10am-5pm

Ticket Prices:

Adults: $14 ($15 at the Door)

Children: $7 ($8 at the Door)

**Get Tickets HERE**BONUS**Use coupon code CHITAG3 to get $3 off your purchase of tickets.

Scouts can get in for FREE wearing their uniform to the fair! Skip the lines by pre-registering here.

Will we see you there? Let us know by getting social with #ChiTAG2018:

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